Termination and Suspension

Termination and Suspension – Important Notice

Hosting Solutions reserves the right to suspend or terminate any account for breaching any of the policies contained on this Website without notice.

Account Suspension

Account suspension is the temporary closing of an account until all outstanding matters has been resolved to the satisfaction of Hosting Solutions.

While an account is suspended, all of a client’s Web files, emails, databases, sub-domains, etc. are retained fully intact however you will have no account privileges, and the public viewing of your pages is removed.

If a customer’s account is suspended for non-payment, all payments that are due, if any, including suspension fees, must be paid before the account is un-suspended. These payments must be made before the 48 hour deadline, to avoid termination of the account.

Account Termination

Account termination is permanent.

An account may be terminated without notice, and without prior suspension by Planet ISP. On termination all of your files, folders, sub-domains, email addresses, databases, etc. are totally removed. If your account has been terminated by either Hosting Solutions or at your request, you, the customer will be responsible for re-uploading your files, etc. if you choose to have your account reinstated.

If a customer’s account is terminated for non-payment, all payments that are due, if any, including termination fees, must be paid in full before the account will be reinstated.

Client Initiated Termination

When a client initiates account termination Hosting Solutions will only terminate this account by direct written request. The request must include the customer’s username, and password, in addition to the request stating your reason for termination.

Client initiated termination must be in writing without exception. To terminate an account you must fill out a support desk ticket or put your request in writing. We must be able to identify you as the account holder in order to terminate the account.

Please note that the account will continue to be billed until such time as the request is received in its proper form, and charges incurred will still apply.

You need to ensure that we are notified in writing at least thirty (30) days prior to a billing cycle.

Please visit our contact page, for Hosting Solutions contact details. To log into the Help Desk please go to Hosting Solutions Support or to check your billing status please go to Client Login.

If you have not received confirmation of your account being terminated within 24 hours please submit a support ticket request. This is the only guaranteed way of ensuring your account will be terminated.

Bandwidth Overage

Hosting Solutions do not suspend your service once you reach your data transfer limit. With our service we will allow you to go over your designated limits. Additional charges will apply.

However if you continually go over your data transfer limit Hosting Solutions will contact you to discuss your options.

Our policy is not to penalise any customers if their website becomes popular. However at the same time we must ensure fair access to our servers for all our customers. Therefore it is Hosting Solutions policy that accounts that continually and unfairly taking up loads on our servers will be suspended and we will contact the owner of the account to discuss future options.

Additional Fees

Cutoffs apply to delinquent accounts. Accounts are considered delinquent 7 days following the due date. A reconnect fee of $25.00 will be applied to all delinquent accounts. There are no fees associated for re-instating an account terminated by the user.

Accounts terminated or suspended for Terms of Use violation, or non-payment, are not eligible for refunds or reactivation.

Collection Costs

Any overdue payments that are due, at the time of account termination, is subject to this collection policy.

Hosting Solutions will refer all overdue payments to its Collection Agency. Any bill that has to be referred to its Collection Agency, will incur a $100 administration fee and all Collection Agency fees in addition to any amounts owed by the customer.

If the customer defaults in its payment obligations, information about that default may be given to our nominated Collection Agency, and as such our Collection Agency may give information about the customers default to other Collection Agency customers or alternatively any Credit Reporting Agencies.

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