Data Centres. Australian Networks & Servers

Hosting Solutions operates services across five Data Centres with primary services hosted in Sydney, Australia and redundant infrastructure services in other locations.

Each data centre operates N+1 across all critical infrastructure with regular testing and maintenance and updates.

Key Features

All Our Data Centres Feature

  • N+1 Redundant UPS power
  • N+1 Backup generators
  • N+1 Cooling infrastructure
  • Regular Testing and Maintenance
  • Diverse Fibre Entry Points to Each Location
  • Fire Detection and Suppression Systems
  • PCI DSS Compliance
  • Intrusion Detection and Access control
  • 24/7 Environmental Monitoring

High Speed Connectivity

We Offer A Range of Interconnectivity

  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet Backbone Operated over Diverse Dark Fibre between our Sydney Locations
  • Dual Stacked Network (IPv6 is available to every server)
  • Redundancy From the Access Layer All the Way Through to Our Borders
  • Private Layer 3 Connectivity Available Between any of Our Dedicated or Custom Hosting Services
  • Private VLANs Per Customer Providing Maximum Isolation
  • N+1 Across All Critical Components with Cold Spares On Hand

DNS Services

Security, reliability, performance. Just what you want in your DNS solutions

When you use any of our services, we provide you with our worldwide redundant DNS locations at no extra cost. All DNS servers are constantly replicated around the world within seconds.

As part of every hosting package and also within your Interworx Panel, we provide full tools to manage the advanced configuration of your DNS entries.

Data Backups

Hosting Solutions offer free full weekly backups on all services including databases and all email.

These backups are retained on our corporate NAS within one of our data centers as well as being transferred to a different hosting environment off-site and interstate for the ultimate protection of your data.

Customized backup solutions are also available on request if you require hourly or daily services.

Uptime Guarantee

Hosting Solutions understands the need for businesses to have their hosted content online at all times – 24/7/365. With that in mind, we provide a network uptime guarantee for all hosted services of 99.9%.

Network Status and general network health and overall history is always available within your Client Portal.


A web based control panel platform – Interworx allows the ability to perform tasks quickly, easily and reliably.

SiteWorx is your control panel that provides an exceptionally user-friendly interface to manage your website.

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